Brief notes on fencing, from the military treatise of Giovanni Alberto Cassani (1603)

Posted on Dec 23rd, 2017 - By Piermarco Terminiello - 3 Comments

Giovanni Alberto Cassani published a military treatise in Naples in 1603.1 In this work he indicates that he was born in the town of Frassinello…

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Johann Georg Paschen’s Rapier Lessons: Developing a curriculum for teaching rapier fencing

Posted on Nov 1st, 2017 - By David Coblentz - 0 Comments

This article will present an analysis of Johann Georg Paschen’s (1628-1678) Kurtze iedoch Deutliche Beschreibung handlend von Fechten auff den…

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How to read minds and the value of tournaments

Posted on Dec 2nd, 2016 - By Alexander Fürgut - 1 Comment

Some month ago a nearby group decided to run a small longsword tournament as part of some local festivities, that also included a separate beginners…

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Awards for Technical Excellence in HEMA Tournaments

Posted on Sep 9th, 2016 - By Matt Galas - 0 Comments

Over the past five years, an increasing number of HEMA tournaments have added a new kind of award, aimed at rewarding fighters who display…

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Fighting with a monkey ghost on your back

Posted on Aug 22nd, 2016 - By Roger Norling - 0 Comments

In our studies and practice of HEMA many of us do it to get a bit of a refuge from other things, from worries and concerns, to get away and narrow…

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Fighting as a communicative skill

Posted on Aug 15th, 2016 - By Roger Norling - 0 Comments

Since the elements described and explained up to now are properly just a beginning and primer from which all combat devices with the sword can…

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The Recital of the Chivalric Art of Fencing of the Grand Master Johannes Liechtenauer

Posted on Aug 11th, 2016 - By Michael Chidester - 0 Comments

It's been a long road, but the 2015 Wiktenauer Fundraiser is finally, finally winding to a close. All perks are delivered apart from the scan…

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The point of sparring

Posted on Aug 3rd, 2016 - By Roger Norling - 0 Comments

While sounding like a simple thing to define, sparring can have quite a few and very different goals and purposes that are sometimes hard to keep in…

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“Take great pains in your knightly practices” – A brief review of Medieval and Renaissance training methodologies

Posted on Jul 16th, 2016 - By Arturo Camargo - 0 Comments

Few men are born brave; many become so through care and force of discipline. - Flavius Vegetius Renatus Many pages have been written on the subject…

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Troublesome Student -The Winner, the Solver, the Heretic

Posted on Feb 12th, 2016 - By Richard Marsden - 0 Comments

As a teacher, you prepare to show a student a technique from the treatise of your choice. You have art, text, and experience, you're qualified, you…

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All is Not Lost; Or HEMA on the Cheap

Posted on Jan 29th, 2016 - By Nathan Arries - 1 Comment

My first contact with what I know now as HEMA took place in the spring of 2009. I was attending a military re-enactment event at Jamestown Settlement…

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When to hit hard in HEMA

Posted on Jan 23rd, 2016 - By Alexander Fürgut - 0 Comments

Sparring and free play are important tools on our way to becoming more competent fencers, while at the same time the approaches and views on how to…

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CHALLENGE.3W - fight - scan - improve - repeat

How computer based systems can help improve our fencing skills.

Posted on Dec 4th, 2015 - By Henrik Gyarmati - 0 Comments

Prolog: Epic Meaning The goal of every HEMA-fighter is to “survive” a duel - fought with protective equipment and as little rules as possible -…

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From WHAT to teach to HOW to teach: A coaching contribution for the HEMA of the XXI century

Posted on Apr 24th, 2015 - By Luis Preto - 0 Comments

Tactical intelligence tends to be made out to be more complex than it actually is, by being seen as weapon specific. Furthermore, it also tends…

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Use of opposite hand and muscle imbalance

Posted on Apr 17th, 2015 - By Sven Horvatic - 2 Comments

A fellow HEMAist shared some thoughts the other day on an important topic; muscle imbalance. But, what is muscle imbalance? The Medical dictionary…

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Bored Students

Posted on Mar 6th, 2015 - By Richard Marsden - 1 Comment

The most knowledgeable of instructors can also be some of the least effective teachers. There are many reasons for this, but today's article will…

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Making a wooden dummy for swordsmanship practice

Posted on Feb 20th, 2015 - By Mattias Nyrell - 0 Comments

The wooden dummies we use for sword practice are to us what the boxing bag is for a boxer. They are a great tool for practising basic techniques such…

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HEMA Pedagogics Part 3: How to create a good learning environment

Posted on Feb 13th, 2015 - By Roger Norling - 0 Comments

This is the third part of my brief article series on HEMA and pedagogics. Starting with the first HEMA Pedagogics article where we…

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HEMA Pedagogics Part 2: The implications

Posted on Dec 28th, 2014 - By Roger Norling - 0 Comments

Continuing from what we examined in the first HEMA Pedagogics article where we looked at the gymnastics and pedagogics pioneers that laid the…

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HEMA Pedagogics Part 1: The Pedagogics Pioneers & The Role of a HEMA teacher

Posted on Nov 21st, 2014 - By Roger Norling - 2 Comments

This three-piece article, while aimed more at teachers of HEMA is also relevant to students of HEMA, since we are all students and the…

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total numbers of matches plotted against number of contestants

Concerning the Rules of Tournaments

Posted on Oct 24th, 2014 - By Robert Geißler - 3 Comments

This article is to some extent a reply to Γιώργος Ζαχαρόπουλος’s article in which he points out the conflicting requirements…

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Meyer quarterstaff workshop in Florence, Italy

Posted on May 6th, 2014 - By Roger Norling - 0 Comments Here's the workshop on Joachim Meyer's quarterstaff held by me and my fellow GHFS member Mattias Moberg…

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Free Fencing exercises

Posted on Apr 1st, 2014 - By Roger Norling - 0 Comments

In our Meyer staff class we have been forced to develop methods that meet the simple fact that in staff fencing you are actually training with the…

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Teaching progressions in Meyer’s longsword 1: the attacking skill tree

Posted on Feb 22nd, 2014 - By James Roberts - 0 Comments

Over the last five years, I’ve given several workshops in both South Africa and Europe focused on sequencing the teaching of techniques from…

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The Art of Control – Fechtschule Manifesto 2

Posted on Jan 17th, 2014 - By Mike Cartier - 1 Comment

Fencing with the Sword is nothing other than a discipline, wherein your force strives together with your sword  in placement so that one with the…

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Art of Control (Fechtschule Manifesto) Part 1

Posted on Jan 10th, 2014 - By Mike Cartier - 3 Comments

"Fencing with the Sword is nothing other than a discipline, wherein your force strives together with your sword in placement so that one with the…

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From Treatise to Exercise- a model for turning text into action

Posted on Nov 29th, 2013 - By Phil Crawley - 0 Comments

An often overlooked aspect of historical fencing is how to go about turning all the information contained in a fencing text into a structured means…

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Exercises for the Cloak and Rapier

Posted on Aug 1st, 2013 - By Rob Runacres - 0 Comments

  The following are partnered drills for the cloak and rapier. It is vital that the attacker providing the techniques you are working against…

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Physical conditioning, health & sport readiness

Posted on May 30th, 2013 - By Luis Preto - 0 Comments

Humans attempt to make sense of their environment results, quite often, in the systematization of knowledge into boxes commonly (and quite wrongly)…

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Simple Staff Method and Drills

Posted on Apr 26th, 2013 - By Kit Smith - 3 Comments

I first learned staff in the late eighties, and although I was not that interested in the provenance, as I recall my master learned it in Scouts as a…

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A mentality of fear – and its importance to fighting

Posted on Apr 19th, 2013 - By Roger Norling - 21 Comments

"If you want to learn how to fight properly and effectively with the long sword, so that you may, without gloves and without all armour, guard your…

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Meyer freeflow exercises

Posted on Mar 11th, 2013 - By Roger Norling - 10 Comments

To begin with, just for clarification, this is not a typical article per se, but rather a text sorted under the Meyer Research Project, thus a more…

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A theory-based approach to teaching HEMA

Posted on Jan 5th, 2013 - By Alen Lovric - 9 Comments

HEMA, it can be said, is only in its second generation by now, though some claim to be in the fourth already. This makes us a very young Art, and…

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Skill training vs. strength training

Posted on Dec 3rd, 2012 - By Alen Lovric - 7 Comments

This is a debate that has been heard by all of us one time or another, I believe: Should strength training be incorporated into HEMA, and how much of…

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Russian test cutting practices

Posted on Oct 22nd, 2012 - By Matt Galas - 3 Comments

One of the great things about online HEMA research is that you often end up finding interesting material that you weren't really looking for. I was…

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Rope drill for HEMA.

Posted on Sep 12th, 2012 - By Roger Norling - 0 Comments

<span data-mce-type="bookmark" style="display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;"…

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The OODA Loop & HEMA

Posted on Jul 2nd, 2012 - By C.VanSlambrouck - 0 Comments

"Knowledge is not power. Power alone is power. What knowledge does is provide the means to determine where to focus that power, for maximum…

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Learning may be tough, extremely tough… Time to wise up!!!

Posted on May 2nd, 2012 - By Luis Preto - 0 Comments

Throughout my years involved with martial arts I have seen, time and time again, instructors in the most varied arts who spar effectively but do not…

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Teaching martial arts

Posted on Apr 10th, 2012 - By Luis Preto - 1 Comment

Quite recently, while exchanging all sorts of points of view with everyone’s good friend Roger Norling of GHFS, and upon stating that Jogo do…

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Meyer quarterstaff – A lesson plan

Posted on Jan 21st, 2012 - By Roger Norling - 0 Comments

I thought it might interest some to see how a typical lesson plan for our Meÿer staff class in GHFS looks like. This is of course too…

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