This project will collect all of Joachim Meyer’s personal advice on fighting, cutting away all techniques instead focusing on fighting principles, tactics and strategies.

Anyone is welcome to join us in this project. The results will be posted here continuously as the work progresses.

Initially we will try to focus on five topics:

1. Meyer’s General Advice

2. Meyer’s advice on the Two-handed swords

3. Meyer’s advice on the Dussack

4. Meyer’s advice on the Rappier 

5. Meyer’s advice on the Polearms


A transcription of the 1570 treatise can be found on Die Freifechter site. However, the foreword has not been transcribed.

The original 1570 treatise can be found here:

The reprint from 1600 can be found here:

And the Otto von Solms treatise can be found here: Meyer 1560.pdf