Alen Lovrič of Academia artis dimicatoriae has launched this project to gather as much data as possible on antique longswords. To limit the scope this does not include fechtschwerte (also called federschwerte) or the Zweihänder/Bidenhänder/Great Swords.

So please help and provide links, pdfs, documents or just straight data, preferrably with the following included:

  • Estimated date of manufacture
  • Length
  • Handle/blade length
  • Weight
  • Blade type
  • PoB

Here follows his letter for launching this project:

As there are so many longsword practitioners and enthusiasts, it is odd that there is so little information at hand for us to find, and even that can take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, I have decided to attempt a research which would provide general data for a number of original longswords with as much data and as big a sample as possible.

Below are the things I hope to achieve.

1.) Make a list of historical swords with at least basic information (so the bare minimum is besides the source (museum name and inventory number, book/publication citation etc.) length/weight, preferably also handle/blade length, PoB and estimated date of manufacture). This, I believe, would in itself prove useful to enthusiasts or folks who are interested in a DIY project of a historical sword.

2.) Get a big enough sample to be able to say “historically, a longsword was between x and y long, with z being the average, with its weight between f and p, h being the average.

3.) If the sample is big enough, to make an analysis of weight every 5 cm of length. So saying on average, swords with length between 110-115cm weighed x. 115-120, y. etc. For example, it came to me as a surprise that most ca 130cm swords weighed around 1,5-1,6kg. I thought it’d be more. Swords in the 115-120cm category seem to weigh thereabouts or a bit more. But, I need a bigger sample if I want to confirm this.

4.) If the sample is big enough, to make an analysis of weight/length in 100 or 50 year periods. (Swords between 1300-1400 weighed x, between 1400-1450, y)

5.) Do a follow-up research on average height of people in the various periods, depending on how much data I get, and comparing it to the average sword length of the same period.

However, to get a representative sample, I will need all the help I can get. So if anyone is a proud owner of an original longsword, has access to museum depots, or has a publication that lists the needed data, and would be willing to send me said data, it would make me very happy as well as help the research.

The findings would be accessible to everyone for free, and the progress can be followed online at and

If you wish to help me expand it, send me the data to: [email protected]