Hi everyone!

I'm proud to announce a new book about the famous I.33 Manuscript.

Authors: Andrea Morini, Riccardo Rudilosso and Federica Giordani, of Sala d'Arme Achille Marozzo, published by "il Cerchio".

Andrea Morini
After previous oriental martial arts experiences, Andrea joined the Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo in 2006.
He graduated as a SAAM Assistant Instructor in 2009 and Instructor in 2013. In 2013, he became also HEMAC member.
He’s currently holding classes in Rome, Naples and Salerno and several workshops in Italy and abroad. He published “Manoscritto I.33″ in 2012, a publication about Giacomo Di Grassi in 2014, and few short essays for HROARR.com.