A special invitation from the New World to the Old World! For HEMA practitioners able and willing to travel to our event from across the Atlantic (or Pacific!), we will offer significantly reduced registration if you reference this post (thanks HROARR!).  Come join the likes of Axel Pettersson and Anton Kohutovic and make this a truly international event!

In the meantime, just 48 hours to go on early registration www.irongateexhibition.com/reg ! We've done a ton of Facebook and forum posts in the past few weeks, so so for anyone who's missed it, some highlights of all our announcements so far:

  • This year, ours is a 4-day event!  2 full days of tournament, 1 day of workshops and free fencing, and 1 day of HEMA scholarship at the Higgins Armory Museum -- last opportunity before its doors close forever.
  • Over a dozen local, national, and international Instructors, including Axel Pettersson, Anton Kohutovic, Dustin Reagan, and Scott Brown!  Come train with and compete against some of the best HEMA fighters in the world.
  • An amazing list of Prizes (e.g. 2 gorgeous sharp swords, the Baron and the Durer) that continues to grow, along with the list of International Sponsors that includes Sparring Gloves, MBlades, SPES, Acta Periodica Duellatorum, Albion Swords, Arms & Armor, Higgins Armory Museum, and Purpleheart!
  • World class tournaments, with innovations that include a Spear tournament, the first ever Dagger v Dagger competition, and awards for both Best Technical Fighters and Best All-Round Fighters!
  • And finally, last but certainly not least: most polished US HEMA Series Livestream of 2013!  We have some special Livestream surprises in store, which just means...  come be a part of our Internet showcase to the world, especially this banner HEMA Livestream year!

This is truly the most ambitious agenda we've ever set for this New England event, and we invite you all to come help us make sure this truly is an exhibition to remember.

Charles Deily & Jeff Tsay
- Co-hosts of Iron Gate Exhibition 2013 (http://www.irongateexhibition.com)
- Directors respectively of SSG Boston (http://www.scholasaintgeorge.org) & Forte Swordplay (http://www.forteswordplay.com)
- Members of WMAC (http://www.wmacoalition.com)


Jeff Tsay
Jeff Tsay is currently director of Forte Swordplay, a group based in Boston, Massachusetts devoted to the study of HEMA and actively training the German tradition of Kunst des Fechtens. Jeff has an eclectic martial background, having studied wing chun and several other unarmed and armed Eastern arts before finally succumbing to the hidden mysteries of the Western traditions.

In his spare time, Jeff's efforts have focused on refining his interpretation methodology and using it to analyze both greater- (e.g. "Krump") and lesser-understood (e.g. "Rose", "Aussere Mynn") KdF techniques, putting them to the test in national and international tournaments (e.g. Swordfish, Longpoint, and Fechtschule America), and pushing the bounds of using video as an effective medium for sharing HEMA research. 2013 has been a banner year for the HEMA Series Livestream, including the first US HEMA livestreams at Fechtschule America and Longpoint, produced by Jeff and his technical team from Forte Productions. Every fall, Jeff also helps host the Iron Gate Exhibition, one of the premier HEMA/WMA conferences in the US (www.irongateexhibition.com). In the remainder of his very full life, Jeff is a professional project manager, a devoted husband, and dedicated father of 2 awesome boys.

To find out more about Jeff's efforts, check out www.forteswordplay.com, www.irongateexhibition.com, and the Western Martial Arts Coalition (www.wmacoalition.com).