HEMA Facebook group for women

“… Esfinges, a [Facebook] group recently started by Ruth Garcia Navarro and Perica Lòpez for women in HEMA. We aim to unite the ones we’ve got around the world and encourage more women to take up the art. Come and join the discussion, invite your friends! We have cake! And wine!”

- Fran Terminiello


Roger Norling
Roger Norling is an instructor on Joachim Meÿer's Halben Stangen (Quarterstaff) with Gothenburg Historical Fencing School.

His main focus in his research is the "Kunst des Fechtens" and primarily the longsword, dussack and polearms. He has been focusing on the works of Joachim Meÿer since 2009. In this he has enjoyed collaborating with the Meyer Frei Fechter Guild and in May 2013 he became a Fechter of the MFFG. Recently, he has begun researching Meyer's dagger quite systematically using the same method he applied to his staff teachings.

Currently, he is writing on a series of books which will explore the teachings of Joachim Meyer, in collaboration with researcher friends in the HEMA community.

The upcoming two years he will be teaching Meÿer quarterstaff, dusack and longsword at various HEMA events in Europe and the USA. For more about this, read his instructor's profile.

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  1. It’s an honor to know and call friends both Ruth & Perica! They fight to achieve what they want in life, true warriors! Long live Esfinges!

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