I just wanted to let everyone know how much I love the new version of The Swing training "sword" from Mblades.com. Although the old version is still shown on the site, a distinctly improved version is already ready for sale. It offers removable and changeable weights that range from the lighter to the heavier spectra of the swords and together with different pommel designs and weights you can alter the balance to your liking.

The grip has also been improved with a new "cord" structure and the cross is now made out of metal with a nice "real" look to it. Soon there will also be a Montante-version with an extension or a longer pommel.

The new version was brought to and sold with success at Fightcamp 2012 in Birmingham, UK and several commented on their amazement that with closed eyes you were actually fooled into thinking that you held a real sword in your hands, a notion I completely agree with.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Swing, it is a tool that is designed to emulate the handling characteristics of a real one- or twohanded sword, although with a very short "blade", slightly shorter than a forearm and the whole tool can be disassembled for transport. The idea is that you can use it for solo practice during your lunch break, while you travel or in tight indoors spaces. For this my wife is immensely grateful!

I simply can't praise this clever tool enough and I will get back with a proper review somewhat later, when I have had time to work some more with it. Until then, thank you Mblades for keeping my ceiling nice and white! Had I had this on my 40th birthday my glass ceiling lamp would still have been alive and well... 😉


Roger Norling
Roger Norling is an instructor on Joachim Meÿer's Halben Stangen (Quarterstaff) with the Gothenburg Free Fencer's Guild (GFFG).

Starting with the Gothenburg Historical Fencing School in 2008, he is since 2015 a member of the GFFG. His main focus in his research is the "Kunst des Fechtens" and primarily the longsword, dussack and polearms. He has been focusing on the works of Joachim Meÿer since 2009. In this he has enjoyed collaborating with the Meyer Frei Fechter Guild and in May 2013 he became a Fechter of the MFFG. Recently, he has begun researching Meyer's dagger quite systematically using the same method he applied to his staff teachings.

Currently, he is writing on a series of books which will explore the teachings of Joachim Meyer, in collaboration with researcher friends in the HEMA community.

The upcoming two years he will be teaching Meÿer quarterstaff, dusack and longsword at various HEMA events in Europe and the USA. For more about this, read his instructor's profile.