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Review: A history of Europe by Aneas Silvius Piccolomini – 1400-1458

  A ‘new’ book from the 15th Century has just been translated and published.  The book was originally published in 1458 by Pope Pious II, originally known as Aneas silvius Piccolomini. translated by Robert Brown.  Pious II was famous for being one of a handful of Humanist Popes, which seems an odd concept for most modern readers though we currently have a rather radical Pope in the Vatican today, so perhaps it’s not so strange after all.  Pious was something of a reformer though he was certainly no Franciscan.  He was known during his relatively short reign (1458-1464) as...

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Review: Warring Maidens, Captive Wives, and Hussite Queens

Before I go any further, I would like to point out that this is physically a very nice book.  The copy I got was a small hard back with a blue cloth bound cover.  Good paper, a nice weight in the hand but not too heavy, it endured a rather intensive reading and period of going back checking and rechecking facts, and is now something of a resource for me in my research, and it remains very robust and elegant little book in spite of all that heavy use.  It is so rare these days to see a really...

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