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Review: Where’s my fighting trousers?

“A telegram? Oh, dear. It seems someone has been “biting me”…? Fetch me my trousers at once! No, not those. Those are my time travel trousers. No, those are my tea trousers… That’s it! Those ones. My fighting trousers! Ah, yeah!” When it comes to equipment HEMA has come a very long way in just a few years. Just two-three years ago it was still hard finding any equipment that suited our specific needs and which had a consistent look. Land hockey/soccer goalie pants, t-shirts, fencing coach’s jackets & medieval gambeson, Lacrosse gloves etc painted a rather ragged picture. Today, things are very different and we have a whole range of manufacturers catering to our needs. Still some aspects of this hasn’t really received as much attention and fighting trousers is one such area. It is easy to overlook this, but they really are an important part of a good HEMA outfit. Luckily, a few manufacturers like Absolute Force provide quality products in this area and this is what I will review today; the AF HEMA Black Pants. To put it short; I love these! They do have certain areas which can be improved upon, which I will return to later, but they have a rugged and tough design that really suits my tastes. The fabric is sturdy, the tailoring and fitting is really, really good and they look very sharp and...

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Review: Scimitars Fencing Shoes

Finding good, suitable equipment for Hema is a problem we all wrestle with and there are few products aiming to fulfill our particular needs. I have been looking at shoes for handball, basketball, land hockey, boxing, wrestling, budo and regular sneakers, but none of them really hold up to closer inspection. They do work of course, but they are designed for other uses and thus have features that are slightly “off” with regards to Hema. But, since we are fencing with swords, I thought I’d take a closer look at specialized fencing shoes. Having been naturally gifted with small...

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