Category: Protective gear

Review: SPES HEMA Jacket – Axel P model

Looking at how the HEMA community looks today it is easy to forget how hard we have been working to get the attention of manufacturers hoping to get proper protective gear for our specific brand of martial arts. Only three years ago things were very different and there simply were no good fencing jackets for HEMA, and what we instead used had several issues simply due to the fact that they weren’t originally designed for what we do. Things have changed dramatically though and today we even have several brands to choose from, some of them created by HEMA...

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Review: Black Lance 5-finger HEMA Gloves

  One of the most elusive pieces of protective gear for HEMA, the Holy Grail if you will, is good protective gloves that offer enough dexterity to not hinder us in our fencing, when we try to apply the techniques that we struggle to learn in the fencing treatises. For many years we made do with Lacrosse gloves, but those were still somewhat clumsy, and swollen, fractured or even broken fingers weren’t uncommon, especially in the tournaments where more tension and power often came into play. This is of course not so surprising as Lacrosse gloves just weren’t designed...

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