Author: George Zacharopoulos

The importance of tactics in duel & sport

A couple of weeks ago when I was reading the excellent manuscript  “La Scherma” by the maestro Francesco Ferdinando Alfieri (1640, translated and edited by Caroline Stewart, Phil Marshall, Piermarco Terminielo), I was highly impressed by the chapter: “ How to proceed against a timid, reckless, phlegmatic or choleric opponent”. The maestro presents four different types of opponents (or four different temperaments) which you can face in a duel. As a general rule he writes: “If we conduct our attacks against these opponents in the same manner, without distinction, then we give clear notice of having little knowledge or...

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On Tournament rules

Well I guess this is the “hot potato” of the HEMA community! I am sure that a lot of other people before me and surely a lot of others after me will deal with the subject. First of all I have to let you know that I never participated in any tournament due to restrictions of the previous association I was member of (you know who!) . Still I am planning to do it if my finances and my 44 year old bones will allow me. I have sparred with dozens of people all these years of various size and ability in order to learn and enjoy our art. The reason for dealing with this issue now is because we are planning to organize international HEMA events in Greece in the near future. Furthermore the spark which ignited my thoughts was LONGPOINT 2014. I read comments on FB about how dissatisfied were some people with tournament rules this year but I also read the organizer’s reply on it: that rules have to be tested in order to be abolished. I completely agree with this statement: no matter if the rules of LONGPOINT were good or bad, they were ideas tested and partially proved. HEMA as a community is very young to this “sport tournament” thing therefore mistakes are allowed. If you do not try things you will never understand...

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