Here are the HEMA-related blogs that we know of. If you think a blog should be added, then please don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

A Fencer's Ramblings (Henry Walker)
AC Cunningham's "The Cane as A Weapon" (Chris Amendola)
Ars Gladiatoris (David James Knight)
Armizare & Co
A Scholar's Diary (James O'Dwyer)

Baskethilt Broadsword Boy
Encased in Steel (Academy of Historical Arts)
Fencing Blog (Fencing guild of Trnava)
FencingClassics's Blog (Christoph Amberger)

Fechtgeschichte (Jan Schäfer)
Grauenwolf's Study of Western Martial Arts (Jonathan Allen)
HEMA Alliance
Hema Boy
HemaGoth: Sitting on the Fence

I am a fencer (GHFS)
Joachim Meyer's Rudder (Francesco Lanza)
Jogo do Pau (Luis Preto)
Johann's Hema Blog (Johann Matzke)
Kampf Kunst

Kard az Élet ( Lazlo Schunder)
Lady at the Gate
Langort - ramblings of a bald swordsman (Gregor Rozman)
Lessons on the English Longsword (Brandon Heslop) (Ilkka Hartikainen)
Mike's HEMA blog
Ragion de Spada (Guy Windsor)
The Art and Science of Longstick - The Two Handed Stick
The fencing and life of Hans Talhoffer (Jens Peter Kleinau)

The School of Battle (Hugh Knight)