HROARR is an independent, neutral meeting ground and resource site dedicated to the Historical European Martial Arts community. At the time of writing it reaches 25 000 unique readers who visit the site 10 times or more per year, with the absolute majority being interested in the material offered.

HROARR is provided for the advancement of international collaboration, research and learning the European martial arts traditions. HROARR is fully independent and run on a non-profit basis in an attempt at helping the HEMA community to grow and evolve. The contents of the site always belongs to the authors or copyright owners. Financially, the site is supported both by individual persons that use the site, as well as by historical fencing companies advertising on the site.

This platform is completely open to the whole HEMA community to use for publishing news and articles, debating, sharing of ideas, methods and interpretations, marketing events and HEMA products. Companies with HEMA-related products are even permitted to advertise themselves on the HROARR site.

You are all also welcome to join in supporting the site and in taking active part in making it better and more valuable to the community by suggesting improvements and new tools and projects.

The site was created and launched in 2009 by Roger Norling, a Swedish HEMA practitioner and GFFG quarterstaff instructor.

Most of the manuals have been collected by other hard-working researchers and shared through various venues. The HROARR site deserves no credit for that hard work and wishes to acknowledge those largely anonymous researchers. We are deeply indebted to you.

The Future
Since its birth the site has continued to grow and it is now a free online HEMA magazine with contributions from the whole community.

It is also a neutral meeting ground where we can all connect, share and learn from each other using the tools provided by the site, regardless of what club or organization we belong to. More and more researchers and instructors are joining in, sharing their thoughts and ideas by publishing them through HROARR.

We would very much appreciate any suggestions for improvements, lacking content or material you think would interest the community. Together, we can make our community stronger, bigger and even more knowledgeable and skilled in what we do.

Thank you!
To the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition, the Historical European Martial Arts Alliance and the Meyer Frei Fechter Guild for your support and not least, all of you great people and clubs that help out and share with the rest of us!

Roger Norling
Responsible publisher and Chief Editor
Gothenburg Free Fencer's Guild and Meyer Frei Fechter Guild