What is HEMA?

HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts and includes both living and recreated martial arts traditions that were born or defined in Europe. The martial arts that died out have been recreated using martial arts manuals that were written in the Middle Ages and onwards and which have been preserved. Some of them can even be downloaded here.

If you would like to learn more about HEMA, then please read about Historical European Martial Arts on Wikipedia.

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The beauty of posting your texts on HROARR is that we then can have lots of HEMA articles published under various categories, even quite specific ones, where people post their thoughts and research, and all of it is searchable for the whole community.

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Welcome to HROARR

Resources for the Historical European Martial Arts and Sports Community

The HROARR site focuses on different aspects of Historical European Martial Arts. It is meant to serve both as a help to active HEMA practitioners and as a source of inspiration for people that are unfamiliar with this form of Martial Arts. At its core the HROARR site is a free online HEMA magazine with contributions from the whole community. It is also a neutral meeting ground where we can all connect, share and learn from each other using the tools provided by the site.


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A Crowd Funding Appeal

When people in HEMA talk about wrestling, the chances are they are talking about German “Ringen” or Italian “Abrazzare”; there isn’t really anything else out there. Which when you think about it, is a little odd. If there is one thing we can say for certain, it... read more

Review: Fällkniven A1, S1 & F1

Today we will review three knives by a Swedish brand that oddly enough is little known to the common Swede, but which is a proper success story of a company that enjoys great respect for their high quality knives, by professionals and civilians alike, worldwide.... read more

HEMA Charity Campaign 2015

Most of us have seen glimpes of the very disturbing images of drowning children fleeing from the horrors in Syria. Last year we launched a charity targeted specifically at this crisis and you were incredibly generous, donating 955€ which was used to buy packages of... read more

An overview of the Iberian Montante

This article gathers a series of notes written while studying the sources on the Iberian montante sword of the late XV century and following centuries. The extant sources are listed and analysed. Different approaches to teaching this weapon’s handling are described, stressing those who can provide a context for its use.

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News: New page with posts from the HEMA Blogosphere

We have very exciting news for you today. We finally officially launched a new page on HROARR called the HEMA Blogosphere found in the main menu under “Reading”. This page collects excerpts of all the latest posts from some of the most important HEMA blogs and presents them in a single place, with links to the full articles. This makes it far easier to get an overview over what is happening. Currently it lists more than 425 posts.

If you wish to have your blog added, or removed then just contact us and we will fix it right away. Hope you like it!

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Presenting for Education

The Phoenix Society went to the Arizona Knife Collector Association’s big knife-show and we didn’t go to recruit. The demographic was mostly older men, including knife-makers and knife-collectors. There were few, if any, potential recruits at this event.... read more

Bored Students

The most knowledgeable of instructors can also be some of the least effective teachers. There are many reasons for this, but today’s article will focus on alleviating boredom in students. First, what is boredom? It is when a student is no longer actively... read more

A salute to Joachim Meÿer!

On this day, the 24th of February, 1571, Fencing Master and ex-soldier Joachim Meÿer died shortly after his arrival at the court of the Duke of Mecklenburg in Schwerin. One year earlier, on this day, he also signed his preface for his famous fencing treatise... read more

Review: ESEE-4, ESEE-5 & ESEE-6 knives

ESEE Knives, formerly R.A.T Cutlery is one of the most well-regarded cutlers in the USA, a cutler with a strong reputation for quality, and with the owners Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin standing by their products no matter what. Their personal integrity is... read more

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